Company profile


Sindarela commerce” is a company established in 1993 in Podgorica. The past 27 years of business activities on the Montenegrin market have been marked by steady growth both in volume and in the dynamics of sales and distribution of lamps, light sources and palette of articles from the program of electrical installation equipment.

“Sindarela” company is a team of professionals, who are always ready to respond in the best way to the demands of investors, customers and market in general: from selection of lamps and light sources made by renowned manufacturers to electric engineering and designing of high voltage electrical installations and final distribution.

In its premises, Company has a project bureau for designing of high voltage electrical installations for what “Sindarela“owns adequate licenses issued by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro.

The company’s growth is a result of the strategy developed according to the needs of the market, keeping up with the newest world trends in lighting and a selective choice of foreign partners of the world wide known brands where we are their official representative and distributor in the territory of Montenegro.





Company profile

sindarela-znakSindarela commerc is a company established in 1993 in Podgorica. More than two decades of business activities of our company, were marked by a constant increase, in volume as well as in sales dynamics and distribution of the fixtures, sources of light and other various items from electric installation equipment.





Mission and company vision

sindarela-znakSince the beginning of business activities, we had a clear goal and wish to make the lighting something more than a tool to light up the room where people live.





Culture of light

sindarela-znakIt is a well known fact that nowadays the light which substitutes sun-light is the basis of modern way of living. Nevertheless, it is something that we don’t give a lot of thought. But, thanks to it our world can function, and we are able to use the time that we have to the maximum extension. Without light our living habits would end at dusk, and with sun-set our working day would finish.