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Since June this year, Sindarela has enriched its diverse offer with the products of another outstanding brand and has become a representative of the company LUG – a Polish professional lighting manufacturer and included in its offer a range of three brands: LUG, LUG BOX and FLASH & DQ.

On that occasion, on 08.11.2017. at presentation in the hotel “Podgorica” , to the Montenegrin public, the respected partners and associates of the Sindarela commerce company, this exceptional Polish lighting manufacturer was presented, where representatives of LUG spoke about the company itself, its assortment, possibilities, realized projects and plans for future activities.

The satisfaction of the cooperation started with pride is expressed by the representatives of both companies. A warm welcome to the guests was sent by the owner and director of Sindarela, Zoran Vuksanović, and a representative of the company LUG, Mrs. Beata Tustanowska – Director of Exports, stated:

– With great gratitude to Mr. Vuksanovic, the owner of Sindarela commerce, at the opportunity to present the company “LUG” to the Montenegrin market, I would like to emphasize that “LUG” is present in the world market in more than 60 countries, and its representative offices and showrooms in major world metropolises like Paris, London, Sao Paulo, Dubai and Berlin. Cooperation with the company “Sindarela commerce”, the leader in the field of lighting on the Montenegrin market, is based on a strategic partnership and distributorship for the territory of Montenegro and we are confident that the cooperation will be successful and that we will achieve excellent results.

Twenty-seven years of experience, more than 500 employees, qualified staff, innovative ideas have made LUG export their products to 67 countries around the world and continuously work on conquering new markets and improving products that feature high quality, exceptional design, have wide application range and adapting to technical requirements based on needs. LUG products are also characterized by very competitive prices, availability and fast production and delivery times.

Mr. Michal Puza, key account manager of LUG, presented to the guests rich offer of LUG , through three brands:

– LUG – professional lamps made according to high technical standards, with high energy efficiency and top design.

– LUG BOX – high performance luminaires, simple installations, with very favorable price and fast delivery time.

– FLASH & DQ – an exclusive line of designer decorative lighting.

The quality of LUG lighting has been rewarded many times and proven through the impeccable performance at many important facilities around the world, and the magnificent exhibition venues are in Warsaw, Berlin, Dubai, London, Paris and Sao Paolo.

In cooperation with its partners, end users, LUG not only provides delivery of lamps, but provides complete support for each project in terms of the necessary budget for the technical area in which the lamp is installed, propose solutions and all the essential factors necessary for successful implementation of the project.

What besides the undeniable quality and exceptional technical characteristics separates LUG from other lighting manufacturers is a flawless design that with its perfect modern lines delights architects and lighting designers, it easily fits into every ambient and meets standards of choosy investors.

From an imposing assortment that covers the needs of almost all fields of application – from industrial, commercial, public and architectural facilities, professional street lighting and lighting to illuminate large surfaces is a segment that with special pride makes LUG  distinguish itself from other manufacturers of the same lighting category. URBAN, URBINO and URBINA LED street lamps are distinguished by excellent lighting, energy saving and high resistance to atmospheric influences, and LUG street lighting is highly appreciated around the world.

The great advantage of LUG is also ability to customize, so their slogan “customize our light to your world” is justified in the way that LUG allows modifying lamps for investment projects. The LUG can customize the lamp in the optical system, photometry, color, dimension, frame and type of assembly and create a special department in the company that provides modification services and takes care of preserving the vision and cohesion of architectural designed objects.

At the very end of the presentation, the closing word was given to Mr. Zoran Vuksanovic, owner and director of Sindarela commerce:

– Thank you to all the guests for their presence, interest and attention. Many thanks also to our partners from LUG for good presentation and the information they shared with us all. I am convinced that we have set up excellent base for outstanding results and that LUG products will be found in many projects where it is insisted on quality, design and durability.

After the presentation, a cocktail was organized for the guests, and the entire event was broadcast by the media.




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